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Jennell generally does not like to speak in the third person. She has been shooting professionally for over 8 years. In that time she has photographed nearly 200  weddings including many non traditional and non western celebrations. Jennell recently has began working as a product photographer for a local jewelry company. She has also been a photographer for Milwaukee World Festivals, as a staff photographer for Summerfest for the 5 years. In that time she has been able to photograph many national music acts such as Outkast, The Beach Boys, Luke Bryan, and countless others. In addition, she has also worked for several media outlets including the arts and entertainment magazine Third Coast Digest. Jennell also loves to donate her time photographing to organizations such as Make-a-Wish whenever possible. 

Jennell has also worked in several professional portrait studios, as well as retail camera stores. This experience has taught her much about the business side of photography, as well as being very well versed in camera equipment and customer service.  She also worked in the souvenir photography for a while. Although she didn't really learn much about photography there- it was still fun. She currently works and teaches classes at Art's Camera's Plus in Milwaukee. 

Jennell is self taught. She credits everything she knows to just really loving to take photos.