• Tried my hand at a little astrophotography this weekend. This is a half hour exposure, but I look forward to being able to do night-long exposures. I’ll have to travel somewhere even darker though!

  • I love the way lenses allow you to extend your vision beyond normal human perception. A few macros from the week.

  • HDR and "Lens Chimping"

    This week I’ve been trying two different techniques I’ve never tried before.

    The first was 3 exposure bracketing HDR. I’ve played a lot with highlight and shadow pushing before, but this was actually my first time doing it 3 exposure style. I used Photomatix software trial (hence the watermark), if I get good- I’ll buy the whole program.

    The second technique I played (briefly) with was what DC Photog Sam Hurd described as “lens chimping” ( Basically it involved shooting through a hand held convex lens. The result is (apparently) dreamy light flares, and interesting orbs. I think I need some practice because all I ended up with were interesting stretches of the image. I’m surely not giving up on it though!

  • Hello, 2014!

    This year has already been off to a start for me. It is my hope that my 2014 will be full of a lot of growth for me and my photography. One of these goals is to maintain a consistent, interesting. and informative photoblog!


    As well as that, 2014 will be a year of new techniques, new gear, and new frontiers. 

    This week, Milwaukee saw 20 year low temperatures. (high of -13 degrees, and windchills near -45 degrees) I have a strange fondness for shooting in the cold, so I made my way out!



    The air temperature of the water was significantly warmer than the air causing the lake and river to steam heavily. One photographer I ran into described how the Dutch used to call this phenomena, “Dragon’s Breath”. Whether or not he was yanking my chain- I like the idea. 




    I was able to get pretty good performance out of my Sony a99 and Sony 70-200 2.8. I made sure I bought the quickest, most weather resistant memory card I could find, and had a fully charged battery pack. 


    One way to stay warm. image

    Say what you will about Wisconsin. It is one of the most dynamic places around. This week we felt a 100 degree shift in weather, gotta love it!

    Another great outcome is that I was contacted by Yahoo! to use my photo for a few of their blogs about the “Polar Vortex”. One of them even made the FRONT PAGE of Yahoo! 

    So this year has already been quite exciting on the photographing front. Can’t wait to see what’s next!