• Baby Evan, just a week old, stayed cozy on Mom and Dad’s bed as we took his first photos. After a bit of a rough start, he was a great sport for the most exciting day of his life (so far). We wrapped him up in a variety of silly knit hats and blankets, and I set up some Christmas lights behind him to give a little twinkle to the background. 

  • This is the official first post of 2015 and what a year it will be! Matt and Elizabeth braved the cold and the early morning for a winter engagement shoot. We found ourselves in a seemingly mild 20 degree weather after windchills well below -15 degrees the week prior. Matt and Elizabeth not only threw some snow, they laid in it too! This will all be a nice reminder when their July wedding comes around!

  • 2014 is officially in the books. I photographed over a dozen weddings, and traveled across the country. 2015 will be full of even more adventure, and hopefully…more blogging! I leave you with a few of my favorite wedding images from the year.